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End Citizens United Endorses Senator Joe Donnelly For Re-election

Jul 06, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed Senator Joe Donnelly for re-election. Throughout his career, Donnelly has championed efforts to reform the campaign finance system and overturn Citizens United.

“Senator Donnelly has a proven record of putting problem-solving ahead of partisan politics to represent hard-working Hoosier families, not special interests,” said Tiffany Muller, president and executive director of End Citizens United. “He understands that when Big Money is free to spend unlimited, undisclosed sums in politics it drowns out the voices of middle-class Americans. Senator Donnelly is engaged in one of the closest elections in the county, and we’re proud to stand with him.”

“Our government functions at its best when it focuses on commonsense solutions and the concerns of Hoosier working families instead of a handful of unelected billionaires,” said Senator Joe Donnelly. “Thanks to moments like the Citizens United decision, the balance of power has shifted away from the people congress was intended to serve. I stand with End Citizens United in fighting for a fairer, more transparent government that works for all Americans, and I’m glad to have their endorsement.”

End Citizens United will connect Donnelly’s campaign with its 50,000 members in Indiana and activate its 360,000 national donors to help make sure he has the resources to win. In the recent special election in Georgia, ECU’s members were energized to elect a reformer and raised $1.4 million in small-dollar donations for Jon Ossoff. In 2016, ECU helped elect campaign finance reform champions New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan and Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, both in battleground states, by exposing their opponents’ ties to special interests. In the 2018 election cycle, ECU is projected to raise $35 million from hundreds of thousands of grassroots small-dollar donors.

ECU is a grassroots-funded organization that is dedicated to electing members of Congress who, like Donnelly, will fight to overturn Citizens United and to pass campaign finance reform that will remove unlimited, undisclosed money from our political system. In the 2016 election cycle, ECU’s grassroots members displayed their strength, raising $25 million from 300,000 donors with a $14 average contribution. Founded two years ago, today the group has over three million members.


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