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End Citizens United Endorses Slate of Virginia State Legislative Candidates

Jul 15, 2019

End Citizens United’s affiliate, Fight for Reform, will connect local grassroots members with endorsed candidates running for state-level office

Washington, D.C. — End Citizens United (ECU) today announced its endorsement of 16 reformers running for state-level office in Virginia, all of whom are committed to fixing the Commonwealth’s broken campaign finance system.

“Corruption and Big Money in politics is not just a Washington D.C. problem, it’s corroding our state and local governments too,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “These 16 candidates have vowed to fight for reforms that will bring more transparency to Virginia elections and curb the toxic influence of corporate special interests in Virginia politics. ECU is proud to endorse these reformers, and we look forward to activating our network of Virginia grassroots supporters to help them win in November.”

The endorsed candidates are committed to prioritizing reform measures such as creating common-sense limits on campaign contributions, eliminating dark money in Virginia elections, and restricting contributions from corporations with government contracts.

The list of endorsed candidates includes: Alex Askew (HD-85), Chris Hurst (HD-12), Dan Helmer (HD-40), Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31), Karen Mallard (HD-84), Kelly Fowler (HD-21), Larry Barnett (HD-27), Lee Carter (HD-50), Len Myers (HD-81), Mike Mullin (HD-94), Phil Hernandez (HD-100), Schuyler VanValkenburg (HD-72), Sheila Bynum-Coleman (HD-66), Shelly Simonds (HD-93), Suhas Subramanyam (HD-87), and Debra Rodman (SD-12).

ECU was established in March 2015 to counter the harmful effects of Citizens United and reform our campaign finance system. Its affiliated project, Fight for Reform (FFR), focuses on bringing transparency and accountability to state and local elections around the country.

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