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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Celebrates Sunshine Week

Mar 11, 2024

End Citizens United // Let America Vote (ECU // LAV) Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement celebrating the start of Sunshine Week, a nationwide movement to push for increased transparency, access, and accountability in government: 

“As we celebrate this year’s Sunshine Week, it’s more important than ever to spotlight the work being done to ensure that our government is fully accountable and transparent for the people. The deep-rooted corruption fueled by unlimited dark money in our politics has had a devastating impact on our nation. The American people have lost faith in our democracy—they know that far too often our elected officials and judicial system aren’t working for us, but instead for the shadowy benefactors lining their pockets. Enough is enough.

“This Sunshine Week, we renew our promise to work with and support leaders to increase the transparency and accountability in our government. We also urge Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which will pull back the curtain on the corruption in our political system and ensure the voice of the people are no longer drowned out by special interests and the wealthy.”