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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Democracy Defenders are Protecting Reproductive Freedom from Dark Money Attacks

May 19, 2022

The Supreme Court appears ready to overturn nearly a half century of precedent and roll back reproductive freedoms, thanks to over $1.1 billion in spending from extremist dark money groups. To counter this attack on our health freedom, ECU // LAV Democracy Defender Attorneys General are fighting to ensure that everyone has the freedom to make their own health decisions.

  • In Michigan, Attorney General Dana Nessel is fighting back against a draconian 1930s law that would allow the government to deny Michiganders the freedom to control their own reproductive healthcare.

  • In Wisconsin, Attorney General Josh Kaul has pledged that he won’t use state DOJ resources and impose the government on Wisconsinites seeking to have an abortion and make personal health decisions.

  • In Nevada, Attorney General Aaron Ford has spoken out about attacks on reproductive freedom, warning of GOP politicians and their dark money-allies trying to come into Nevada to roll back abortion rights.

  • In Minnesota, Attorney General Keith Ellison has made clear that he will fight all efforts to ban abortion in the state and that as long as he is in office, dark money groups and their allies will never be able to force the government to deny Minnesotans healthcare freedom.

  • In Colorado, Attorney General Phil Weiser has been outspoken about the dangers of rolling back reproductive freedom and has been working hard to ensure that Colorado remains a state where people can make their own decisions about their healthcare–not having the government take away that freedom.