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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Endorses AG Josh Shapiro for Governor

Aug 12, 2022

Shapiro is running against extremist Doug Mastriano

End Citizens United // Let America Vote today endorsed Attorney General Josh Shapiro for Governor of Pennsylvania.

“Attorney General Shapiro is the anti-corruption and voting rights champion the people of Pennsylvania can trust to fight for them as Governor,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “He’s taken on big pharmaceutical companies responsible for the country’s opioid epidemic, prosecuted companies that attempted to steal workers’ retirement money, and stood strong against attempts to restrict Pennsylvanians’ freedom to vote. We know as Governor, he’ll protect the voice and vote of every Pennsylvanian, which is why we are excited to endorse him.”

“As Attorney General, I’ve defended Pennsylvanians’ right to vote time and again – and as Governor, I will continue to protect Pennsylvanians’ fundamental freedoms and bring people together to grow our economy, create jobs, improve our schools, and make our communities safer,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “I believe there is far more that unites us than divides us, but when politicians try to take away our fundamental freedoms, I will stand up and fight to protect those rights every single time. I’m grateful to have the support of End Citizens United and Let America Vote and look forward to working with them to protect the right to vote for all Pennsylvanians.”

Shapiro is running against extremist politician Doug Mastriano

  • Mastriano believes in wild conspiracies and was heavily involved in the violent criminal conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 election. He was present at the U.S. Capitol during the deadly January 6 insurrection, breached police lines, and recently refused to answer any questions before the U.S. House Jan 6th committee about his involvement.

  • He called the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision “one of the darkest days in history” and said banning abortion has always been his most important priority, and “I don’t give way for exceptions either.”

  • Mastriano would take away the freedom to vote and Pennsylvania’s free and fair elections, saying he could “decertify every voting machine” if elected and that he would appoint an election denier and conspiracy theorist to run the state’s elections.

  • He is too radical and too dangerous to serve the people of Pennsylvania as governor.

ECU // LAV is a leading anti-corruption and voting rights group. The grassroots-funded political action committee raised and spent $65.5 million in the 2020 election cycle to elect candidates fighting to limit the influence of big money in politics and protect the freedom to vote.