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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Endorses Congressman Tim Ryan for U.S. Senate

May 26, 2022

Ryan is a champion for workers who will stand up to corporate special interests

End Citizens United // Let America Vote today endorsed Congressman Tim Ryan for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

“There is no bigger champion for Ohio workers than Congressman Tim Ryan. Throughout his entire career, he’s fought for the dignity of work and to protect Ohio jobs. He’s called out corporate America for outsourcing Ohio jobs, exploiting Ohio workers, and using their wealth and influence to raise taxes on Ohio families while cutting taxes for themselves,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “We need Tim Ryan in the Senate to stand up for Ohio working families, and we are thrilled to endorse him.”

“Thanks to the unchecked flood of money in politics, Washington isn’t working for working people: too many Ohioans are working harder than ever before and still falling further behind. Unlike J.D. Vance, who’s bought and paid for by a Big Tech billionaire who already spent $15 million on his behalf, I’ll fight to make sure our government is on the side of the workers. That starts with making sure corporations and billionaires like Peter Thiel can’t just buy our elections for out-of-touch, anti-worker politicians who are more focused on passing big breaks for their special interest allies than improving the lives of hardworking Ohioans. I’m proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United // Let America Vote and am excited to work with them to win this race for the people of Ohio,” said Congressman Tim Ryan.

Congressman Ryan is running against Silicon Valley tech millionaire J.D. Vance, who is running to repay his wealthy backers by supporting a plan that raises taxes on over a third of Ohioans. Vance’s candidacy has been propped up by fellow-Silicon Valley tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who has spent over $15 million to back his preferred Senate candidate. Thiel will expect a return on his investment, a shameful pay-to-play politics that is the perfect example of the type of corrupt pay-to-play politics Ohioans are sick and tired of–and that Tim Ryan will put a stop to.

ECU // LAV is a leading anti-corruption and voting rights group. The grassroots-funded political action committee raised and spent $65.5 million in the 2020 election cycle to elect candidates fighting to limit the influence of big money in politics and protect the freedom to vote. ECU // LAV has more than four million members nationwide.