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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Launches $1.3 Million in Additional Ads in West Virginia Thanking Sen. Manchin for Introducing the Freedom to Vote Act

Sep 23, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund launched $1.3 million in additional campaign ads in West Virginia today thanking Senator Joe Manchin for leading on a compromise voting rights and election security bill–the Freedom to Vote Act. Senator Manchin’s plan protects the freedom to vote for all Americans, secures the ballot box, stops partisan gerrymandering, and ends dark money so that billionaires can’t buy elections.

The ad buy includes $1 million on TV, $115,000 on digital, and $150,000 on mail and will start airing in West Virginia today. It includes testimonials from a West Virginia veteran and a West Virginia faith leader supporting Senator Manchin’s efforts to write and pass the Freedom to Vote Act. The ad with the faith leader features Pastor Paul Dunn from the First Baptist Church in Charleston at which Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in 1960.

The ads will air on local broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms and on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and connected TV in West Virginia.

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“Voters in both parties believe we should protect the freedom to vote, end dark money, and stop partisan gerrymandering. We support Senator Manchin’s leadership to find a compromise on voting rights that includes ideas from Republicans and Democrats and his work to get the bill passed. We urge him to do whatever it takes to pass his bill as quickly as possible,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller.

Full script of “Josh”:

Our freedoms are worth protecting and defending. 

That’s why I joined the Army. 

But I didn’t serve to see billionaires run our country. 

And when politicians make it harder to vote, I take that personally. 

Senator Manchin won’t have it either. 

He won’t let the old ways of Washington stop him from doing what’s right. 

He’s got a plan to crack down on corruption, end dark money, and secure our elections. 

Thank you Senator. That’s the kind of leadership we deserve.

Full script of “Beacon”:

This church has long been a beacon for justice and equality, and our work is far from finished.

In this state, leadership means giving people access and ensuring every voice is heard.

That’s why Senator Joe Manchin introduced the Freedom to Vote Act.

His plan will secure our elections so that West Virginians may fully participate in selecting our leaders.

This is the kind of action and leadership that our state deserves.

Full script of “Protecting Democracy”:

In a perilous time, Joe Manchin is bringing West Virginia commonsense to Washington,

by introducing a bill to end dark money, protect our freedom to vote, and secure our elections.

Thank Manchin for introducing the Freedom to Vote Act.