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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Leads Efforts to Elect Anti-Corruption and Pro-Democracy Champions

Nov 07, 2022

As MAGA extremists threatened democracy, End Citizens United // Let America Vote led the fight to elect candidates committed to protecting the voice and vote of every American. In the 2022 election: 

  • ECU was a leading partner working to protect the Senate and House majorities by supporting anti-corruption and pro-democracy candidates.
  • For the first time, ECU engaged in secretary of state and attorney general races through a new Democracy Defenders program, making it one of the largest issue groups in those races.
  • ECU uplifted candidates through campaign events and press events, fundraising, research and messaging support, polling, and paid communications.

By the Numbers

Total raised and spent for anti-corruption and pro-democracy candidates and legislation 

  • $80.2 million total raised and spent in the 2022 cycle  
  • $36.5 million on electoral and issue advocacy paid communications
  • $10 million on grassroots and grasstops issue organizing
  • $4.2 million raised and donated directly to candidates 

Supporting Anti-Corruption and Pro-Democracy Candidates

  • 210 candidates endorsed
    • 17 U.S. Senate
    • 103 U.S. House
    • 12 Gubernatorial  
    • 18 Attorney General and Secretary of State 
    • 60 State Legislative  
  • 94% of victory rate in primaries
    • 100% victory rate in state and local primaries 
  • 18 paid communication independent expenditures 
    • 52% on behalf of candidates of color
    • 59% on behalf of female candidates
  • 55 events held for candidates across the country
    • 27,000 miles traveled 
    • 53 candidates  
    • 14 states 

Elevating Pro-Democracy and Anti-Corruption Issues  

  • $150,000 raised and donated for ballot initiatives 
    • Voting rights initiative in Michigan 
    • Anti-corruption initiative in Oakland, California 
    • Anti-corruption initiative in Maine   

Voter Opinion

  • 72% of Americans think democracy is under threat according to a CBS News poll
    • 86% of those attributed it to money corrupting our system (the top answer among Democrats and Republicans)  


  • 74% of voters think American democracy is under threat according to a Quinnipiac poll 
  • 21% of voters rank threats to democracy as most important issues, overtaking all other issues in an NBC News poll
  • 75% or more of voters support a number of reforms to end dark money, protect the freedom to vote, and crack down on corruption  

On the Trail 

Senate and House Races

ECU worked hand in hand with Democratic Senate and House candidates who ran on messages of anti-corruption and protecting our democracy. In support of its endorsed candidates, ECU ran paid communications, provided fundraising, research and messaging support, and made campaign stops in states across the county. 

Democracy Defenders

ECU launched its first ever Democracy Defenders for preeminent attorney general and secretary of state candidates in the 2022 cycle. These candidates are a critical line of defense against extremist politicians trying to corrupt our politics and undermine our democracy.

Through the Democracy Defender program, ECU uplifted candidates through campaign events and press events, fundraising, research and messaging support, polling, and paid communications.

 Independent Expenditures

End Citizens United ran independent expenditures in 18 key state and federal races this cycle. 

Arizona AG Arizona SOS Illinois-03 Primary  Maine-02
Michigan AG  Michigan SOS Michigan-07 Nevada AG
Nevada SOS Nevada voter turnout project New Hampshire 01 North Carolina Sen
Pennsylvania Sen Pennsylvania-12 General  Pennsylvania-12 Primary Texas-28 Primary 
Virginia-07 Wisconsin Sen