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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Statement on the Not Guilty Verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Nov 19, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller released the following statement after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty: 

“Today was a failure of our justice system. Allowing Kyle Rittenhouse to walk free after killing two people and violently injuring a third is not justice and is yet another stain on our nation.

“His aquittal proves again that we have a broken justice system in America that treats people of color very differently than white, privileged defendants. Additionally, this case sets an incredibly dangerous precedent that someone can cross state lines, bring an AR-15 to a protest, kill two people, and face no consequences.

“We must do better to ensure every American is able to live safely and in a just democracy. We will continue to work to unrig the broken system in this country and ensure that every American, no matter who they are and where they live, has an equal voice and equal representation in our democracy. And we will continue to keep the victims and their loved ones in our thoughts after this disappointing and disgraceful decision.”