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End Citizens United // Let America Vote Urges Senate Committee to Reform Electoral Count Act

Aug 03, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund is urging the Senate to reform the Electoral Count Act ahead of a committee hearing on the outdated law.

In a letter to the Senate Rules Committee, the group notes that January 6th made clear that the Electoral Count Act was dangerously ambiguous and in need of reform.

The letter states that the Electoral Count Reform Act of 2022 is a good step forward and encourages bill sponsors to work with their colleagues to strengthen and clarify some of its provisions to fully prevent attempts to undermine the process in 2024.

It also encourages the Senate to pass comprehensive voting rights and anti-corruption legislation if we want to fully protect our democracy.

Click here to read the letter.

Excerpts from the letter:

  • “We applaud the introduction of the bipartisan Electoral Count Reform Act of 2022, which would make significant improvements to the current procedures on how the states and federal governments select the president and vice president.

  • This bill is an important first step and we’re confident that the bill’s sponsors can work with their colleagues to strengthen it and clarify certain provisions to ensure it offers the strongest possible protection against the dangerous tactics we’ve seen from those willing to overturn a free and fair election because their preferred candidate lost. Reforming the ECA is a necessary, but not sufficient, step to protecting our democracy.

  • Congress must pass comprehensive legislation to protect the freedom to vote and address discriminatory barriers to the ballot box, ensure every American has fair representation, and ensure that dark money megadonors are not buying our elections.

  • We urgently need to address each of these issues plaguing our elections in order to ensure that our democracy survives.”