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End Citizens United Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Leadership on Money in Politics

Oct 09, 2019

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Elizabeth Warren’s decision to forgo high-dollar fundraisers if she is the Democratic nominee:

“Elizabeth Warren has been unafraid to take on our rigged political system in her campaign and put forward bold ideas to take on the corporate special interests and Big Money donors that dominate our politics. Her commitment to small-dollar fundraising sends a powerful message to the American people about who she will fight for as President. We applaud her leadership and commitment to make comprehensive anti-corruption and money in politics reform the first bill she would prioritize as President.”

Senator Warren is one of seven Democratic presidential candidates who have taken End Citizens United’s “Reform First” pledge to make “comprehensive anti-corruption, money-in-politics, and voting rights reform legislation that is similar to or builds upon the For the People Act, the very first bill you send to Congress.”