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End Citizens United Proud to Stand with Reformers in May 22 Primaries

May 22, 2018

As voters head to the polls today in Arkansas, Georgia and Texas, End Citizens United (ECU) is highlighting its endorsed candidates and their commitment to reforming the broken campaign finance system. ECU is proud to stand with these reformers and looks forward to helping elect them to Congress.


Clarke Tucker (AR-02):
A committed reformer, Clarke Tucker has championed bills in the Arkansas State Legislature to make elections more transparent and accountable. Tucker will continue this fight in Congress to pass legislation that would stop mega-donors from hiding their political spending.


Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07):
A staunch advocate for accountability and transparency, Carolyn Bourdeaux is rejecting corporate PAC money because she believes corporate special interests have far too much power in our democracy.


Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23):
A veteran of the Air Force, Gina Ortiz Jones is running for Congress to serve her community and give a voice to those who are being drowned out by wealthy special interests. Whether it’s fighting for disclosure or passing legislation to root out undisclosed money, Ortiz Jones is ready to champion reform measures in Congress. As a sign of her commitment to reform, she is rejecting corporate PAC money in her campaign.

Ortiz Jones is running to unseat incumbent Congressman Will Hurd, who was named to ECU’s Big Money 20 target list for 2018. Hurd voted to allow major internet companies to sell customer data without their consent after taking $63,000 from the telecom industry during the 2016 elections — more than any other member of Congress from Texas.

MJ Hegar (TX-31):
A Purple Heart veteran, MJ Hegar believes the unlimited and undisclosed money in politics as one of the biggest threats to our country, which is why she’s rejecting corporate special interest money in her campaign.