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End Citizens United Raises $1.25 Million For Jon Ossoff’s Campaign

Jun 09, 2017

ECU has raised nearly half a million for Ossoff since the primary election on April 18
By connecting grassroots donors with Ossoff’s campaign, ECU has helped shatter records in GA-06

– End Citizens United (ECU) announced today that its network of grassroots members have raised $1.25 million in small-dollar donations, with an average contribution of $12 average, for Jon Ossoff since endorsing him in late February.

“Our grassroots members are proving that Big Money can’t simply buy this election,” said ECU President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller. “This race has come down to a choice between Jon Ossoff, who wants to give everyday Georgians a voice in our democracy, and Karen Handel, who will defend a rigged system to benefit her special interests. As Georgia families continue to rally behind Ossoff, we’re eager to continue our work during the final stretch of this campaign to help elect a reformer to Congress.”

With two weeks left, Ossoff continues to build momentum. He’s shattered fundraising records, thanks to grassroots donors, like the members of End Citizens United, who are fed up with Washington where politicians are bought and sold for by the special interests. Recent polls show Ossoff with a lead over Handel, who is under fire for her big spending as secretary of state and hypocrisy on anonymous special interest money. She is also facing sharp criticism for her tenure at the Susan G. Komen foundation where she threatened access to critical health care services to women as well as men in Georgia and around the country by cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood.

ECU was one of the first progressive groups in the country to endorse Ossoff’s campaign. The campaign finance reform group has run digital ads and will continue to recruit volunteers to help get out the vote. ECU recently exposed Karen Handel for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in PAC money after criticizing her opponents in previous elections for accepting it.

The grassroots-funded political action committee has 40,000 members in the Atlanta metropolitan area and 70,000 across Georgia. It is dedicated to electing members of Congress who, like Ossoff, will fight to overturn Citizens United and pass meaningful campaign finance reform.

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