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End Citizens United Releases Pro-Ossoff Ad in GA-6: “Tireless and Effective”

Apr 10, 2017

ROSWELL, Ga.  – Following the Ossoff’s campaign record $8.3M fundraising haul in Q1 and an April 6th poll which showed Jon with a 28% lead over the next closest contender, End Citizens United (ECU) unveiled its first ad for Jon today. The ad, entitled “Tireless and Effective,” highlights Jon’s record fighting corruption and advocating for broad-ranging campaign finance reform. The digital ad is one of the first outside ads to run for Jon Ossoff and will run through the election on April 18.

“Throughout his career, Jon has been a tireless reformer who isn’t afraid to stand up to those in power and fight back against the rigged system in Washington,” said Tiffany Muller, executive director for End Citizens United. “His campaign is fueled by an army of grassroots supporters who are helping him take on the corporate special interests who are calling the shots in Washington. We’ve endorsed Jon in this campaign because we’re confident in his momentum and his proven record as a reformer.”

ECU is dedicated to reforming our campaign finance system to give everyday Americans a voice in our democracy. It is one of the largest progressive electoral groups and entirely funded by low-dollar, grassroots donors. Since it was launched two years ago, ECU has grown to three million members including 40,000 members in the Atlanta metro area and 70,000 across Georgia. ECU members have donated more than $650,000 to Ossoff’s campaign.

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Full script below:

VO: He’s a relentless warrior against corruption.

VO: Jon Ossoff. As an investigative filmmaker he exposed the powerful. And won.

VO: Praised as “tireless and effective.”

VO: In Congress, Jon Ossoff will help end the rigged campaign finance system. Taking on special interests.

VO: And calling out pay to play in Washington.

VO: Determined. Effective.

VO: Send Jon Ossoff for Congress