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End Citizens United Statement Applauding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Get Corporate Money Out of Politics” Plan

Oct 07, 2019

Sanders has put small-dollar donors at the forefront of his people-powered campaign

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement praising Senator Bernie Sanders’ plan to combat the influence of corporate money in politics

“Senator Bernie Sanders has been a bold leader on the issue of reform throughout his career and in the Democratic presidential primary. The Senator’s new plan to end the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics builds upon his career-long work to fix our broken political system and take the power away from corporations and mega-donors.

“From publicly funded elections to pledging to overturn Citizens United, Sanders’ plan is a comprehensive approach to making sure Washington works for American voters, not corporate special interests. End Citizens United thanks Senator Sanders for his continued commitment to reform, and we look forward to more presidential candidates putting forth plans to combat the influence of money in politics.”