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End Citizens United Statement on Department of Justice Investigation into Spano Campaign Finance Violation

Nov 14, 2019

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation into Rep. Ross Spano’s (FL-15), a Big Money 20 incumbent, alleged campaign finance violations: 

“It’s no surprise that Rep. Ross Spano is facing a criminal investigation from the Department of Justice for breaking campaign finance laws before he even took office. This Department of Justice investigation shows that Spano feels right at home in Washington’s culture of corruption. Floridians deserve better representation than what they’re currently getting from Ross Spano.”

In the 2018 cycle, End Citizens United helped defeat or retire 82% of the Big Money 20 targets. ECU will connect its more than 550,000 members to endorsed candidates who are challenging Big Money 20 targets.

ECU has conducted extensive polling and research showing that voters across the political spectrum support getting big money out of politics. ECU is a traditional political action committee (PAC) with more than four million members, including 6,100 in Florida’s 15th Congressional District. ECU raised $44 million in the 2018 last cycle and helped elect over 150 members to the 116th Congress, including two new U.S. Senators and 58 new U.S. Representatives. The reform group is entirely grassroots-funded with an average donation of just $14.

For a full list and additional background on the Big Money 20, click here.

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