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End Citizens United Statement Praising Theresa Greenfield’s Plan to End Political Corruption

Feb 20, 2020

Greenfield’s plan would root out corruption in both parties and make Washington more accountable to Iowans

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement applauding Iowa U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield’s plan to End Political Corruption

“Theresa Greenfield has already proven she’s committed to rooting out the culture of corruption in Washington by rejecting corporate PAC money. Her plan to end political corruption builds on that by laying out specific steps to tackle the outsized influence of money in politics, stop illegal campaign coordination with outside groups, and prevent lawmakers from cashing in on their public service as lobbyists. While Greenfield has a plan to clean up corruption, Senator Joni Ernst was caught breaking the law and is entrenched in Washington’s rigged system.”

Read Greenfield’s full plan to political corruption here.

Senator Ernst, a Big Money 20 incumbent, has worked to maintain the undue influence of corporations and unlimited, undisclosed money in politics. In December of 2019, Ernst was caught illegally working with Iowa Values, a dark money group, to boost her reelection campaign. In the Senate, Ernst has taken over $1.3 million from corporate PACs, including almost $100,000 from pharma and health insurance PACs, giving them multi-billion dollar tax breaks while supporting gutting protections for preexisting conditions, increasing premiums, and allowing insurers to charge older adults five times as much as young people. Ernst refuses to co-sponsor the 2019 For the People Act (S. 949), the most comprehensive anti-corruption and reform legislation since Watergate.

ECU endorsed Theresa Greenfield in July 2019 because of her commitment to reform and making Washington work for Iowans. Greenfield, who rejects corporate PAC money, is running a grassroots campaign powered by small-dollar donors. In December 2019, ECU conducted a poll in Iowa showing that the bombshell investigative story uncovering Senator Joni Ernst’s illegal dark money scheme is dealing a serious blow to Ernst’s re-election campaign. ECU is a traditional political action committee (PAC) with more than four million members, including 27,800 in Iowa.