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End Citizens United Statement on Runoff in GA-06

Apr 19, 2017

Tiffany Muller, executive director of End Citizens United, released the following statement on Tuesday’s special election in GA-06.

“There’s no doubt that mega-donors eager to protect the rigged system in Washington will pour millions in corporate special interest money into this race to fund false attacks against Jon Ossoff over the next two months. End Citizens United members have already pooled their resources to help Jon fight those attacks by donating more than $825,000 in small-dollar donations with an average contribution of just $14. That momentum won’t slow down. We’re proud to stand with Jon to beat back the Big Money interests trying to hijack our democracy. He has the energy, enthusiasm, and infrastructure in place to win.

“As Jon said last night, no amount of Super PAC or secret dark money funded attacks can defeat the grassroots powering this campaign. Jon’s record fighting corruption and pushing for reform has earned him the support of hard-working Georgians who want a leader in Congress who will stand up to President Trump and his corporate cronies. He stands in stark contrast to Karen Handel, an ally of the Washington corporate interests and a big-spending career politician who has a history of making decisions based on personal gain. We will #FlipThe6th.”