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Ethics Committee Report Makes Clear that Congress Must Expel Santos

Nov 16, 2023

ECU has fought to hold Santos accountable, filing several complaints over his fraudulent activity

Following the release of the House Ethics Committee report on Representative George Santos which found “substantial evidence” that he violated federal criminal laws, that “at nearly every opportunity, he placed his desire for private gain above his duty to uphold the Constitution, federal law, and ethical principles,” and was a “knowing and active participant in the misconduct,” End Citizens United (ECU) President Tiffany Muller released the following statement following urging Congress to expel George Santos from Congress:

“This damning report makes clear that Congress must take swift action to expel George Santos. Failing to do so would set a dangerous precedent that systemic corruption and fraud are not disqualifying to serve in Congress. New York’s 3rd Congressional District and the American people deserve better, more honest representation.”

See below for a recap of complaints filed by End Citizens United:

DOJ Complaint:

The DOJ complaint states that Santos violated federal law on multiple occasions by failing to file any financial disclosure reports in 2021 as required and failing to file on time in 2022 prior to the Republican primary election on August 23. In addition, after Santos donated more than $500,000 to his own campaign, he failed to accurately disclose several sources of income and identify which banking institution they belong to, and failed to identify clients he allegedly performed services for through the Devolder Organization.

FEC Complaint #1:

Recent reporting indicates that Santos may have funded the more than $700,000 in loans he made to his campaign using funds from a company he purportedly owned or, in the alternative, using the company as a “shell” to disguise the true sources of the contributions, in violation of Act’s strict ban on corporation contributions and contributions in the name of another. Additionally, the campaign disclosed hundreds of expenditures in amounts under $200, with nearly 40 disbursements in the precise amount of $199.99, apparently to skirt the Act’s recordkeeping requirements. There is also reason to believe that the campaign may have violated the Act’s personal use prohibition by making rental payments at a home where Santos was living.

FEC Complaint #2:

Sam Miele, who worked as a fundraiser for Santos’ congressional campaign during the 2020 and 2022 election cycles, impersonated Dan Meyer, the chief of staff to then Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, to solicit campaign contributions to Santos’ campaign. Federal law states that no person shall fraudulently misrepresent themselves as acting on behalf of a candidate or an agent of a candidate for the purpose of soliciting contributions.

FEC Complaint #3:

Santos illegally reported campaign expenses in connection with a recount effort for his failed 2020 election despite the fact that a recount never occurred. Santos lost by 12.4% in that election. It also alleges that Santos used funds for the recount to pay for campaign expenditures associated with his 2022 campaign, and that he filed a late statement of candidacy.

OCE Complaint:

On December 29, 2022, reports emerged that Devolder Santos for Congress, Santos’s principal campaign committee, sent invitations to his swearing-in event that included a fundraising appeal. The email stated that individuals who contributed $100 as an attendee or $500 as a VIP would get a roundtrip bus from New York to Washington, D.C. and be able to participate in a luncheon, the Congressman’s swearing-in ceremony, and a “Team Santos” tour of Capitol Grounds. Soliciting funds in connection with a swearing-in event held on Capitol grounds is a blatant violation of both U.S. Federal Code and House Ethics rules.