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Extremist GOP SOS Candidates Promote Anti-Semitism

Oct 04, 2022

Extremist GOP politicians running in secretary of state races across the country have a long track record of spreading and promoting anti-semitic conspiracies.

  • Kristina Karamo (MI-SOS)Accused her political opponents of having “secret allegiances” to “appease [Jewish philanthropist George] Soros and his like.”

    • Claiming there is a powerful Jewish group that politicians are trying to appease is a common conspiracy among anti-semites.

    • Karamo’s anti-semitic comments were condemned by the nonpartisan Anti-Defamation League of Michigan.

Screenshot of an anti-semitic video released by the Karamo campaign

  • Kim Crockett (MN-SOS)Showed a video at the MN GOP convention which depicts Secretary of State Steve Simon and Democratic elections lawyer Marc Elias, both of whom are jewish, as twins from the horror film ‘The Shining’ and as puppets of George Soros.

    • Using George Soros as a symbol for Jewish control amplifies harmful conspiracy theories that Jews are manipulating global events.

    • The Minnesota Republican Party issued an apology, which Crockett denounced, doubling down on her anti-semitic attack.

    • Crockett’s anti-semitic comments were condemned by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Anti-semitic imagery from Crockett campaign video

  • Jim Marchant (NV-SOS)Claimed that President Zelensky is part of “the Cabal” and asserted that the “deep state cabal” has “a lot of power over all of our lives here and in the whole world” by controlling elections and more.

    • He believes that Nevada, and likely other places in the country, have not had a legitimate election since 2006 due to elected officials being “installed by the deep state cabal.”

    • “The Cabal,” which refers to a group that aims to undermine authority, uses the anti-semitic trope of Jews being a group of shadowy overlords.

  • Mark Finchem (AZ-SOS)Compared Loews Hotel canceling a Josh Hawley campaign event to Hitler’s treatment of Jews during the Holocaust and proudly accepted an endorsement from Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab.

    • Canceling a fundraiser because a politician helped to incite an insurrection is not equivalent to the systematic genocide of more than 6 million people.

    • Andrew Torba is a notorious anti-semite with a long history of promoting the anti-semitic great replacement theory and encouraging anti-semitism to run rampant on Gab.

    • Torba has advised candidates that they should not do interviews with Jewish reporters.

  • Audrey Trujillo (NM-SOS)Suggested that Jews had profited from the production of COVID-19 vaccines.

    • Connecting Jews to diseases and alleging that money is their sole motive is a long-standing anti-semitic conspiracy.