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FEC Complaints Are Piling Up for Rep. Greene

Oct 27, 2021

One day after End Citizens United announced FEC and ethics complaints against Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for blatantly violating campaign finance law, there are more revelations about Congresswoman Greene’s disregard for anti-corruption laws. Congresswoman Greene now faces another FEC complaint for violating FEC rules to illegally aid fellow conspiracy theorist, U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

A new FEC complaint reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution outlines how Congresswoman Greene made $3,000 in ‘excessive and unreported in-kind contributions’ to Walker’s campaign. The complaint refers to a series of digital advertisements produced and paid for by Congresswoman Greene’s campaign that promote Walker’s candidacy. Since the ads express direct support for Walker, they are considered an in-kind contribution, which went unreported. Greene’s campaign already contributed the allowed $2,000 maximum contribution to Walker’s campaign, so any additional in-kind contribution exceeds the legal limit allowed for the Congresswoman to donate to Walker’s campaign.

See below for coverage of the FEC complaints against Congresswoman Greene: