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FEC Filings Show Mike Lawler Held Onto Santos Money

Feb 07, 2023

According to end of year FEC reports made available last week, Representative Mike Lawler held onto the $2,900 that he took from disgraced Congressman George Santos.

End Citizens United has repeatedly called on Rep. Lawler to donate the money to charity given the embarrassing and deceitful scandals surrounding Santos and the likely illegality of that money. Lawler has also dodged reporter inquiries about the money.

“Despite the numerous investigations and glaring red flags of being associated with George Santos, Representative Mike Lawler refused to donate the money he took from him. By keeping the tainted Santos money, Lawler is at best refusing to join the bipartisan effort to hold Santos accountable, and at worst, endorsing Santos’ lies, deception, and corruption,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller.

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