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Five Ted Budd Corruption Scandals to Remember Before the NC Senate Debate

Oct 07, 2022

Budd fights hard for himself and his corporate donors

Ahead of the North Carolina Senate debate tonight, we wanted to remind everyone of the top five Ted Budd corruption scandals he needs to be held accountable for.

  1. He took vacations funded by his dark money allies to exotic locations like Miami, Palm Beach, and Oslo.

  2. His dark money allies spent $15 million to pull him across the finish line in the GOP primary, the most they’ve ever spent in a primary. Even Republicans have said Budd is a weak candidate who is ‘wholly owned and operated’ by dark money groups.

  3. He took thousands of dollars from Big Pharma companies on the same day he voted against preventing Big Pharma from gouging prices on North Carolina families.

  4. Before his family’s company failed, Budd and his family repaid themselves $10 million while leaving North Carolina farmers with a $50 million bill.

  5. One day before voting against a bill that would block Big Oil companies from gouging gas prices, Budd took thousands of dollars from his Big Oil backers.

“Ted Budd is a corrupt politician who only cares about himself and his wealthy donors. While he was jetting around the country on his dark money allies’ credit card, North Carolina families have been struggling with corporate greed gouging prices. He needs to be held accountable for his corruption,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote spokesperson Tina Olechowski.