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Fix Democracy Week: Dean Phillips’ Robust Plan to Unrig the System

Jul 30, 2018

As part of the ‘Fix Democracy Week’ campaign led by Every Voice, End Citizens United (ECU) will be highlighting its endorsed candidates who have put forth a reform agenda aimed at curbing the influence of Big Money in politics. Today’s profile is of Dean Phillips, candidate for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.

In his first major policy speech of his campaign, Dean Phillips introduced his government repair plan, a robust proposal to unrig the system in Washington by fixing the broken campaign finance system. Phillips is putting the issue of money in politics at the center of his campaign and has pledged to reject all PAC money.

Dean Phillips’ Government Repair Plan:

  • Increase Transparency

    • DISCLOSE Act (HR 1134)

    • Klobuchar/Kilmer Proposal on Digital Ads

  • Level the Playing Field

    • Lower Contribution Limits / Spending

    • Federal Version of Minnesota’s PCR Program

  • Reduce Outside Influence

    • Keep Foreign Money Out of Elections (HR 1615)

    • End Single Candidate Super PACs

  • (ACTUALLY) Drain the Swamp

    • Close Revolving Door Loopholes

    • Tighten Lobbying Disclosure Requirements

  • Encourage Participation

    • National Holiday for Voting

    • Redistricting Reform (HR 1102)

Phillips is also challenging Paulsen to take the “Minnesota Way” pledge to ensure a clean, fair race. The pledge is aimed at getting Big Money out of the district and putting people ahead of special interests.

The Minnesota Way Pledge:

  • Reject and return all special interest contributions – including from PACs, federal lobbyists and members of Congress – and refrain from self-financing our campaigns.

  • Sign the People’s Pledge, which will help eliminate special interest spending by agreeing to match dollar-for-dollar that spending on our behalf with a contribution to the charity of our choosing.

  • Commit to running an accessible campaign, including a minimum of twice monthly forums or other public events between now and Election Day.

Watch Phillips’ full speech on reforming the system here.

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