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#FixDemocracyWeek: ECU Spotlights Reform Agendas

Aug 03, 2018

As part of the ‘Fix Democracy Week’ campaign led by Every Voice, End Citizens United (ECU) is highlighting its endorsed candidates who have put forth a reform agenda aimed at curbing the influence of Big Money in politics.

Rounding out the week, ECU is highlighting a few of the many candidates who have put forth plans to unrig the broken system in Washington and hold themselves accountable to voters in their districts.

Jason Crow (CO-06):

Crow outlined an agenda to bring accountability and transparency to Washington and end the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics. In addition to a legislative agenda, Crow is taking steps to lead by example by rejecting corporate PAC money. Crow has also challenged his opponent, Congressman Mike Coffman, to join him in a pledge to keep secret special interest money out of their campaigns.

Read more about Crow’s reform agenda here.

Angie Craig (MN-02):

Craig’s “Clean Campaigns, Clean Government” plan is a comprehensive reform package, designed to take Big Money out of campaigns, reform the House of Representatives, and bring transparency to the federal government.

Read more about Craig’s reform agenda here.

Joe Radinovich (MN-08):

Radinovich is taking concrete steps to highlight his commitment to reform before he even gets to Congress. In addition to rejecting corporate PAC money and publicly posting his congressional calendar, Radinovich has outlined a plan to be transparent and accountable to Minnesotans.

Read more about Radinovich’s reform agenda here.

Betsy Rader (OH-14):

In an announcement this week, Betsy Rader unveiled her reform agenda, a bold plan to address the dysfunction and corruption in Washington and increase transparency. The reform agenda outlines Rader’s commitment to reform by rejecting corporate PAC and pharma money, a pledge to never become a lobbyist after leaving Congress, and reform legislation that she will support.

Read more about Rader’s reform agenda here.

Ron DiNicola (PA-16):

DiNicola this week announced an 8-point plan to fight corruption and special interests. The plan is aimed at demonstrating to voters in the district his commitment to remaining accountable to them, not special interests. His plan, which is highlighted by his decision to forgo corporate PAC money and holding regular town halls in his district, also includes a legislative component to fix the rigged system in Washington.

Read more about DiNicola’s reform agenda here.