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Florida Following Georgia In Voter Suppression Race to the Bottom

Apr 30, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on the passage of S.B. 90 in Florida, which targets the state’s absentee voting process and bars people from giving water to voters who have stood in line for hours: 

“Florida is following Georgia in a race to the bottom by erecting barriers to voting that are politically motivated. Dark money forces are looking to hold onto power and can’t do it with the strength of their ideas, so they’re resorting to restricting peoples’ freedom to vote. They’re doing it in Florida, and they’re doing it in states all over the country.

“It’s imperative that the Senate pass the For the People Act to fight back against this anti-democratic attack on the right to vote. It’s a critical package of anti-corruption, voting, and ethics reforms that would end the dominance of big money in Washington so billionaires can’t buy elections. It would eliminate partisan gerrymandering, protect our freedom to vote and stop dark money forces and self-serving politicians from erecting barriers to the ballot box. Passing this bill will hold politicians accountable and make government more responsive to Floridians and all Americans so that we can make progress on big issues like health care, prescription drug costs and building an economy that works for everyone.”