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Who is Funding Jay Inslee’s Super PAC?

Apr 10, 2019

By April 15, we will have the FEC reports of every Democratic presidential candidate who raised or spent money in the first quarter of 2019. Americans will know how much each of these campaigns spent and who their donors are.

However, Americans may not know on April 15 who is funding Governor Jay Inslee’s single-candidate super PAC, Act Now on Climate. Act Now on Climate spent more than $1 million in the month of March, ran television ads, and is even running digital ads that link directly to Jay Inslee’s campaign website.

While other candidates have cultivated grassroots support by crisscrossing the country and speaking with voters in an effort to meet the DNC’s debate threshold, Governor Inslee has had a single-candidate super PAC spending more than $1 million dollars to prop up his campaign by driving up his name recognition and padding his email list to help him get the 65,000 donors to qualify.

Single-candidate super PACs like Act Now on Climate are able to accept unlimited amounts of money from mega-donors and corporations and act as a shadow arm of the Inslee campaign. If Act Now on Climate does not file a report with the FEC by April 15, then voters won’t know who is funding the effort to get Governor Inslee into the first debate until July – after the debate has already happened.

Governor Inslee’s super PAC is spending millions to influence the Democratic presidential primary, so we’re wondering: Who is funding Governor Inslee’s super PAC?

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