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Georgia GOP Senate Primary Stacked with Pay-to-Play Politicians

Jan 29, 2020

After Rep. Collins (GA-09) announced a run for Senate, the NRSC reiterated support for Loeffler

It’s no secret that Senator Mitch McConnell has a soft spot for mega-donors. He has served their cause and has used the Senate to advance their agenda. McConnell and his corrupt establishment were at it again today, doubling down on their support for Senator Kelly Loeffler, who pledged $20 million of her own fortune to buy the Georgia Senate race. Loeffler is already toeing the line on corruption as she sits on a committee that oversees parts of her husband’s business and has not addressed the “minefield” of ethical issues associated.

The NRSC’s support came on the heels of Rep. Doug Collins’ announcement that he is challenging the mega-donor who bought her appointment. Over the course of his career, Rep. Collins has received over $1.2 million from corporate PACs and voted for the GOP tax bill, which was a giveaway to corporate special interests that puts Georgians’ Medicare and Social Security at risk. The showdown highlights that the Republican primary is stacked with candidates entrenched in Washington’s pay-to-play system. 

“Georgians have no good options in the Republican Senate primary,” said End Citizens United Communications Director Patrick Burgwinkle. “Senator Loeffler is a big money donor who only got appointed because she pledged her own money to buy the race. And Rep. Collins is beholden to his corporate special interest donors that keep him in office. Neither of them have the spine to stand up to Mitch McConnell’s corrupt establishment and work for Georgia.”

End Citizens United named Senator Kelly Loeffler to its Big Money 20 list the day she was sworn into the Senate. Loeffler, a wealthy donor, bought her appointment to the Senate by pledging to spend her own money in an attempt to buy the race. The Big Money 20 campaign is focused on defeating politicians, like Kelly Loeffler, who buy their way into political office and work against their constituents’ interests.

ECU is a traditional political action committee (PAC) with more than four million members, including 75,000 in Georgia. For a full list and additional background on the Big Money 20, click here.