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Greg Gianforte Awarded Big Money Employee of the Month

May 22, 2017

Greg Gianforte might not have won his gubernatorial race, but he’s a winner over here at ECU and today was awarded the Big Money Employee of the Month. The award, given to those who’ve shown a steadfast commitment to keeping the rigged system in place and putting Big Money ahead of everyday Americans, is the highest honor for Greg Gianforte, who’s built his political career making sure special interests can buy our elections.

The award, which was voted on by ECU’s grassroots members, recognizes Gianforte’s history of skirting campaign finance laws and funding anti-reform efforts. It also highlights his reliance on millions of dollars from a Super PAC funded by secret money to influence voters in Montana’s Special Election. ECU will mail the award to Gianforte’s campaign headquarters.

“Greg Gianforte has a long, shady record on money in politics that earned him this award,” said Adam Bozzi, communications director of End Citizens United. “Few people have done as much to make elections less transparent and less accountable. It takes a special kind of audacity to stand against everyday Montanans and to rig the system to favor special interests. Our members thought it was only fair to give Greg Gianforte the credit he deserves and name him the Big Money Employee of the Month.”

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