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House Hearing on the Assault on Voting Rights in Texas Makes Clear What’s At Stake

Jul 29, 2021

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement regarding the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties hearing on the state-level assault on voting rights and how these anti-voter bills underscore the necessity of the For the People Act:

“Today, Chairman Jamie Raskin invited members of the Texas state House who heroically walked out of the legislature to block quorum on one of the nation’s most restrictive voting proposals to testify about the assault on democracy happening in Texas and nationwide. The witnesses made it crystal clear what’s at stake if these nefarious efforts are not stopped and implored Congress to protect voting rights by passing the For the People Act.

“We applaud Chairman Raskin for holding this important hearing and thank State Representatives Senfronia Thompson, Diego Bernal, and Nicole Collier, as well as Nina Perales, the Vice President of Litigation at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, for their moving and passionate testimonies.

“The hearing today is yet another glaring reminder that the freedom to vote is in jeopardy–not just in Texas but throughout the country–and that Congress must heed the calls to pass the For the People Act. It’s the only path forward in counteracting dangerous proposals like the one in Texas and ensuring voting rights are protected from self-serving politicians.

“Chairman Raskin said at today’s hearing that it is Congress’ responsibility to act and pass the For the People Act. We agree. The Senate must act immediately and pass the For the People Act, even if it means updating archaic Senate procedure.”