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IL-12: New Kelly Ad Spotlights Role of Big Money in Opioid Crisis

Feb 01, 2018

ECU endorsee is rejecting campaign contributions from Big Pharma

Brendan Kelly, candidate for Illinois’ 12th Congressional district, released an ad today spotlighting the role of the pharmaceutical industry’s campaign contributions in perpetuating the opioid epidemic.

“It’s the huge flood of money into our politics. Pharmaceutical companies give money to members of Congress and Congress then doesn’t allow law enforcement to regulate the flow of these pharmaceuticals that are causing the cycle of addiction in our communities.” – Brendan Kelly

Kelly’s ad comes after a blockbuster Washington Post/60 Minutes investigation last fall of the drug industry’s efforts to lobby Congress and undermine the DEA to weaken enforcement on opioid abuse. It’s a prime example of how unchecked special interest money in politics directly harms the American people. Big Pharma has spent more than $100 million lobbying Congress and millions more in campaign contributions to protect their bottom line.

ECU endorsed Kelly last November because of his commitment to unrigging the system and enacting meaningful reforms, such as ending Congress’ reliance on Big Pharma contributions.

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