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Jason Crow Unveils Reform Agenda

Feb 27, 2018

Challenges incumbent Coffman to reject all dark-money spending in campaign 
Crow rejects all corporate PAC money, while Coffman has taken $1.7 million in corporate cash

In a major policy announcement today, Jason Crow outlined an agenda to bring accountability and transparency to Washington and end the corrupting influence of big money in politics. In addition to a legislative agenda, Crow is taking steps to lead by example.

Crow, who is already rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign, has challenged his opponent, Congressman Mike Coffman, to pledge to keep all secret “Dark Money” out of his campaign. Colorado has been plagued by undisclosed, outside spending since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decisions, in some years seeing more secret spending than any other state.

“We don’t have to wait for change. We can make our politics more transparent now.  We can lead today,” said Jason Crow. “In this campaign, I am rejecting money from corporate special interest. And today, I’m challenging Mike Coffman to pledge to keep secret ‘Dark Money’ out of this race. Coloradans deserve to know who is paying for the political ads on their TVs as well as the agenda behind those ads. MIke Coffman can choose to respect Coloradans instead of aiding and abetting his shady donors.”

“Jason Crow is leading by example,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United, a campaign finance reform group working to end unlimited and undisclosed spending in politics. “His reform plan would bring transparency and accountability to Washington and help us unrig the system. Coloradans are fed up with politicians like Mike Coffman, who jump through hoops to satisfy their big donors, while ignoring people who need help the most. ”

Jason’s plan includes legislative reforms to require all political groups disclose their spending to influence elections, to close loopholes that allow foreign money into U.S. campaigns, and to overturn Citizens United. He is leading by example by rejecting corprorate PAC money, challenging Coffman to join him in a pledge to keep secret special interest money out of their campaign, and will publicly post his schedule as a member of Congress.

Read the full plan here/below:

Jason Crow for Congress

Washington Reform Agenda

All Coloradans deserve a voice in our democracy and a government they can trust

Washington is broken. Politicians are in the pockets of the special interests that spend millions of dollars to get them elected. They stack the decks for their donors and Colorado families pay the price. We can unrig the system by ending the flood of unlimited and undisclosed money that is drowning out the voices of regular people.  We will bring accountability to Washington and end the corrupting influence of special interest money so that our government serves all Coloradans, not just big donors.

Leading by Example

Oppose Dark Money Spending:

Challenge opponent to reject all secret “Dark Money” in this campaign

I’m calling on my opponent, Mike Coffman, to sign a joint pledge to reject undisclosed “Dark Money” spending in our race. We need more accountability and transparency in our elections.

I denounce secret outside spending. If the people of Colorado can’t see who is financing political advertising in this race, the ads should not be televised. Voters in Colorado have a right to know who’s paying to influence their vote.

If a secret money group, or an outside group funded by secret money groups, spends money in this election to benefit a candidate, that candidate will donate half the amount spent to the charity of his opponent’s choice.

Since the Citizens United decision, secret “Dark Money” groups have spent more than $800 million in undisclosed money. Colorado often leads the nation in the amount of secret money injected into its federal elections, with almost $30 million spent between 2010 and 2016.

Reject Corporate PAC Money

I will refuse corporate PAC money

In Congress, I’ll represent Coloradans, not special interests. Unlike my opponent, I am serious about ensuring that voters know I work for them, not donors. With trust in Congress and our government at record lows, we need to take new steps to prove to voters we’re fighting for them.

I’m rejecting corporate PAC money in my campaign. Mike Coffman has taken almost $1.7 million in corporate PAC money. When I am elected, I will represent Coloradans, and will not be beholden to corporate special interests.

Commit to Openness and Transparency
Release public schedule

As a member of Congress, I will publicly post my daily congressional office meeting calendar. Constituents in CO-06 deserve to know who is meeting with their representative in Washington.

Legislative Package

Strong Disclosure

In Congress, I’ll help introduce the DISCLOSE Act, a bill that requires outside groups spending money in elections to disclose their donors, so Americans know who is trying to influence their vote.

  • The DISCLOSE Act (H.R.1134) requires any organization that spends $10,000 or more on election ads to disclose its donors within 24 hours
  • It requires corporations and other outside groups to disclose campaign-related spending to their shareholders and/or organization members

Overturn Citizens United
A Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision opened the door to unlimited special interest spending in elections and even gave corporations the same rights as people to spend in elections.  Before the decision in 2008, outside groups spent $143 million.  By 2016 that number increased to more than $1.4 billion. Colorado Senate races saw a $44 million increase in outside spending between 2008 and 2014.

I will support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. Corporations should not have the right to spend unlimited amounts of money in elections.

Prevent Foreign Spending in U.S. Elections
Ban foreign-influenced corporate spending and require transparency for digital ads

Foreign money has no place in our elections. In Congress, I’ll fight to stop foreign-owned corporations and governments from influencing our elections. I will help introduce bills to ban foreign-influenced corporations from electoral spending and require more transparency.

  • The Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act (H.R.1615) bans campaign contributions and spending by any foreign-owned, influenced, or controlled corporations
  • The Honest Ads Act (H.R.4077) expands transparency and disclosure to include digital political ads and requires online platforms to make efforts to prevent foreign individuals and entities from purchasing political advertisements to influence American elections