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John Fetterman Will End Dark Money

Sep 22, 2022

Fetterman would stop our corrupt system, secret spending 

John Fetterman supports the DISCLOSE Act, which Senate Republicans just blocked, to stop dark money from corrupting our politics and stopping billionaires and corporations from buying our elections. It’s why it’s more important than ever that we elect Fettterman to the Senate.

“John Fetterman knows that the people of Pennsylvania are sick and tired of seeing billionaires and corporations buy influence and policy outcomes in Washington,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “That’s exactly why he supports the DISCLOSE Act, and would vote for it in the Senate, to make the people–not wealthy elites–control our elections.”


  • Will shine a light on the flood of dark money in elections by requiring organizations that engage in electioneering – including super PACs and 501(c)(4) dark money groups – to disclose the identities of donors who have given them $10,000 or more during an election cycle.

  • Requires companies spending money in elections to disclose their true owners, so election officials and the public know who is behind the spending and stops foreign actors from meddling in our elections.

  • Is supported by 92% of voters

Republican candidate Mehmet Oz’s campaign is propped up by dark money and he has never come out in support of the DISCLOSE Act.