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With Last Race Called, 48 No Corporate PAC Candidates Are Headed to Congress

Nov 28, 2018

ECU spearheaded the movement among candidates to forgo corporate PAC money

With TJ Cox’s victory in CA-21, the number of Senators and Representatives entering the 116th Congress and rejecting corporate PAC money is now at 48.

Throughout the country, in the most competitive races this election cycle, reform was front and center. ECU played a central role in helping its endorsed candidates use the issue to win, while also activating its grassroots network to help fund many of these first-time candidates take on big money special interests. On the policy front, ECU led the movement among candidates to forgo corporate PAC money, and make an anti-corruption and clean elections bill the first item on the agenda in 2019.

“This incoming class of reformers is a reflection of what Americans want in their elected officials: representation that can’t be bought. They were loud and clear on the campaign trail that reform is crucial to getting government back to working for the people, and they proved their commitment by rejecting corporate PAC money,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “These reformers are going to send waves through Congress and we look forward to working with them to change the status quo.”

Key stats to keep in mind:

  • 58 ECU-endorsed House candidates won

  • 36 House challenger candidates rejecting corporate PAC money won

  • 47 House candidates who won signed a letter calling for H.R. 1 to be an anti-corruption and clean elections bill

    • This makes up 75% of total new Democratic House members

  • 48 total no corporate PAC House and Senate members will enter the 116th Congress

Supporting Candidates:

  • ECU was the fifth largest spender among issue groups on the Democratic side

    • It’s the only group of the top ten outside spenders to be entirely grassroots funded, proving it can go toe-to-toe with Big Money

  • ECU members raised $8 million in small-dollar donations directly for its endorsed candidates

  • ECU donated $1.5 million to candidates

  • $14.2 million independent expenditures

    • $13.8 million for ECU IE in 21 federal races

    • $400,000 for FFR IE (ECU’s state-level affiliate) in 5 races

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