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Lobbyists Spent Six-Figures on Georgia Politicians’ Partisan Gerrymandering

Oct 07, 2021

Freedom to Vote Act allows voters to choose their representatives instead of politicians and lobbyists controlling the process 

A new report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that lobbyists spent over $100,000 on behalf of state politicians this summer, including spending thousands of dollars on meals for members of the state’s redistricting committees. In one case, a single lobbyist spent $1,500 on just one meal for committee members.

Many of the lobbyists who paid for meals for these politicians have donated to their campaigns and to their political allies. One lobbyist, who was part of a group that spent $2,000 for a committee meal, has given $12,000 to Governor Brian Kemp and donated $35,000 to PACs supporting members of the redistricting committee.

Last month in the U.S. Senate, Senators Raphael Warnock and Joe Manchin, among others, introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, a critical anti-corruption and voting rights bill that would end partisan gerrymandering, putting a stop to big money special interests having outsized influence over what is already a partisan and political process. In the proposed Georgia map, Republicans in the state packed Democratic voters in the Atlanta suburbs who they don’t want to represent into one district, creating a new seat that makes it easier for Republicans to win elections. The Republican-drawn map consolidates Black voters in the Atlanta area, diluting the power of their votes and denying them fair and equal representation.

Passing the Freedom to Vote Act would ensure that the people choose their elected representatives, instead of politicians and lobbyists, giving them the equal and fair representation they deserve.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently said on the Senate floor that a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act is imminent and could come as early as next week.