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Mandela Barnes Outraises Ron Johnson’s Billionaire Funded Machine

Feb 01, 2022

Unlike Johnson, Barnes does not accept any corporate PAC money and relies on grassroots-powered movement

With Senator Ron Johnson now officially running for re-election, the Wisconsin Senate election is gearing up to be a battle between his billionaire and special interest allies and a grassroots-powered movement of the people of Wisconsin. So far, it’s not going well for Senator Johnson and Team Big Money.

Barnes raised over $500,000 more than Senator Johnson, with an average contribution of $43, and without taking a single penny from corporate PACs. Barnes’ most common donors were teachers, while Senator Johnson raked in money from corporate PACs, billionaires, and other big money special interests.

Senator Johnson, who has taken $2.5 million from corporate PACs throughout his career, is beholden to these big money special interests and has consistently worked to help his wealthy backers, not the people of Wisconsin. In 2017, he secured a $215 million tax cut for just three donors who spent $20 million to elect him in 2016. From helping himself and his wealthy donors, to voting to cut healthcare coverage for millions of Americans, to voting against helping Wisconsin families get the help they needed to overcome the COVID pandemic, Senator Johnson has failed at serving the people of Wisconsin.

Mandela Barnes has a track record of fighting for good paying jobs, helping to lead Wisconsin through the COVID pandemic, and ensuring every Wisconsin voter can make their voices heard in our elections. He’ll bring that leadership to the Senate, and unlike Senator Johnson, will spend every day working on behalf of Wisconsin, not Big Money special interests funding his campaign.