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NBC Poll: Threats to Democracy Remain Top of Mind for Voters in Final Weeks

Oct 24, 2022

new poll from NBC News over the weekend found for the third month in a row that voters see threats to democracy as the top issue for them just two weeks before Election Day.

  • 21% of voters believe that threats to democracy are the top issue in the midterms.

    • This is the highest percentage out of all issues.

  • 30% of voters put threats to democracy in their top two issues heading into the election.

The poll found that threats to democracy are seen as the biggest issue facing the country by a plurality of voters, which mirrors similar polls.

  • In September and August, NBC found that voters see threats to democracy as the most important issue facing the country.

  • The New York Times and Siena College found that 71% of voters believe that democracy is being threatened, citing corruption as the main reason for that, with 68% of voters believing that government ‘mainly works to benefit powerful elites’ rather than ‘ordinary people.’”

  • CBS poll found that 72% of voters believe our democracy is being threatened, with 86% of those attributing that to the amount of money in politics influencing our system.

  • Grinnell College poll found that 80% of voters are thinking about the health of our democracy this election season, which was the leading issue overall and among Democrats and independents.

  • Quinnipiac found that two-thirds of voters think American democracy is under threat.