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New Ad Campaign: Andrew Garbarino Is Only Looking Out for Himself

Oct 20, 2020

End Citizens United (ECU) launched a $100,000 digital ad campaign in New York’s Second Congressional District. Titled “Money Shark,” the ad reminds voters of Andrew Garbarino’s shameful voting record and his ties to Big Pharma and health insurance PACs through the tens of thousands of dollars he’s accepted in campaign contributions.

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“Andrew Garbarino is a corrupt politician who has put the needs of his corporate special interest donors ahead of the Long Island families he’s supposed to represent,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “He’s taken tens of thousands from pharmaceutical and insurance PACs, and furthered their bottom line in the New York State Assembly by voting against protections for Long Islanders with pre-existing conditions and even voted to allow insurance companies to stop covering prescription drugs. Garbarino attacked Long Island families’ access to healthcare, and is now asking them for a promotion. Long Island voters will remember Andrew Garbarino’s dismal track record this November.”

The digital ad campaign will begin October 20 and run through Election Day.

Full Script:
Another shark sighting on the South Shore is prompting a warning. 

Republican Andrew Garbarino was spotted feasting on tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Andrew Garbarino voted against protections for adults and children with preexisting conditions…

…And to let insurance companies stop covering prescription drugs.

Long Islanders are strongly advised to avoid voting for Andrew Garbarino. He’s only looking out for himself.

Unlike dark money groups, ECU is entirely transparent and every penny is disclosed with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike Super PACs, ECU adheres to contribution limits and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average contribution of $14.