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New Ad: Joe Heck Supporters Pile on the Cash, Nevadans Pay the Price

Aug 16, 2016

For Immediate Release
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Contact: Adam Bozzi, [email protected]

End Citizens United is launching a new ad in Nevada today holding Congressman Joe Heck accountable for siding with the special interests who fund his campaign, instead of fighting for middle class Nevadans.

Congressman Heck has taken more than $285,000 from Big Oil and voted to protect their special tax breaks, while voting against key bills that could help create solar jobs in Nevada.  He’s taken $40,000 from the Koch brothers and voted for their priorities nearly 80 percent of the time.  And he’s taken more than $1.3 million from the financial industry while voting for plans that would risk working families’ Social Security on the stock market, but that could make Wall Street billions.

“Congressman Heck has gone to Washington and fought for the corporate special interests who are funding his campaigns.  They’ve rigged the system for themselves, and everyone else is left in the lurch,” Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United Executive Director, said.  “Whether it’s risking Social Security benefits, protecting big oil, or taking orders from the Koch brothers, Joe Heck is failing middle class Nevadans.  He won’t even support common-sense campaign finance reforms to give everyday Americans a voice and limit the outsized influence of billionaires and corporate special interests in our elections.  As the ad says, ‘Congressman Heck’s supporters pile on the cash. We pay the price.’”

End Citizens United has added $225,000 to the buy to include digital versions of the ad as well as television.  On television, the $1.5 million statewide buy includes broadcast and cable in Las Vegas and Reno and runs from August 16 through September 2.  This is the first of two ads that will air during the run.

Backup for the ad can be viewed here.


The money sure has piled up for Joe Heck.

Heck voted with the billionaire Koch Brother-backed agenda nearly 80% of the time. Heck voted to protect billions in tax breaks for Big Oil…But would risk good solar energy jobs here at home.

And Heck proposed a plan that could risk Social Security benefits in the stock market… But could make Wall Street billions.

Congressman Heck’s supporters pile on the cash.  We pay the price.

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