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New Direct Mailers: Steve Chabot’s Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Hurt Ohioans

Oct 16, 2020

End Citizens United (ECU) launched a $100,000 direct mail campaign in Ohio’s First Congressional District exposing how Congressman Steve Chabot’s schemes of using his political connections to enrich his own family, in addition to voting with President Trump 95 percent of the time, have hurt Ohio families. Chabot’s history of putting corporations ahead of Ohioans earned him a spot on ECU’s Big Money 20, the group’s top incumbents to defeat in 2020 who benefit most from the corrupt establishment in Washington.

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“If you’re a member of Congressman Steve Chabot’s family, you’re probably doing pretty well. Unfortunately, the rest of Ohio can’t say the same,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “Chabot has used his political connections to line his family member’s pockets in get-rich-quick schemes, like the $200,000 his campaign paid his son-in-law’s company. His campaign has been under FBI investigation for missing $120,000 and he has yet to come clean to Ohioans about where this money went. Hard working Ohioans have been left behind over the 25 years that Chabot has been in office. It’s time for him to go.”

The ad campaign is a four-piece mail program that will begin dropping October 17 and run through October 27.

Unlike dark money groups, ECU is entirely transparent and every penny is disclosed with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike Super PACs, ECU adheres to contribution limits and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average contribution of $14.