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New ECU Ad in NY-19: John Faso Gets the Checks, We Pay the Bills

Oct 23, 2018

End Citizens United (ECU) today launched a new TV ad in New York’s 19th congressional district highlighting Congressman John Faso’s record of corrupt pay to play politics.  Faso took thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and voted to gut protections for pre-existing and for an “age tax” that could raise premiums on older Americans. Faso’s challenger, Antonio Delgado, rejects all corporate PAC money. The ad, titled “Ways of Washington,” is part of a $412,000 TV ad campaign.

Congressman Faso has allowed the flood of unlimited, undisclosed special interest money to drown out the voices of New York families,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller.“New Yorkers worry every day about the rising cost of their health care – or losing it altogether. Instead of standing for them, Faso sided with his insurance industry donors. Meanwhile, Antonio Delgado has demonstrated his determination to fight for his constituents by refusing corporate PAC money and putting people first.”

Click here for supporting information for “Ways of Washington.”

Full script below: 

VO: It didn’t take long for John Faso to learn the ways of Washington. Faso’s taken thousands from Big Pharma. Thousands from insurance companies. And put his donors ahead of us.

VO: Faso cast the deciding vote on a bill that would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

VO: His vote would even allow insurance companies to hike premiums on older Americans.

VO: John Faso gets the checks. We pay the bill.

VO: End Citizens United is responsible for the content of this ad. 

Unlike dark money groups, ECU is entirely transparent and every penny is disclosed with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike Super PACs, ECU adheres to contribution limits and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average contribution of $14.