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NEW ECU Ad: Phillips is Running a Campaign Focused on People

Sep 11, 2018

Phillips is refusing PAC contributions while Paulsen has taken $2 million from PACs, the sixth most of all members of Congress this cycle

End Citizens United (ECU) today launched a new TV ad in Minnesota, spotlighting Dean Phillips’ decision to run a campaign focused on people. Phillips is forgoing all PAC money in his race and has emphasized listening to Minnesotans and having inclusive conversations. That’s a contrast with Rep. Erik Paulsen, who has received $2 million from PACs this cycle, the sixth most of all members of Congress.

The ad, titled “One of the Biggest” is part of a $740,000 ad campaign that includes television and digital ads.

The ads follow Rep. Paulsen’s decision to not sign the Minnesota Way Pledge proposed by Dean Phillips. The pledge would prevent self-funding and stop the flow of outside spending in the race.

“Dean knows that we can do better. We can get rid of the undue and outsized influence of special interests so that Congress focuses on the needs of the people. He’s running a grassroots-powered campaign, while Erik Paulsen is bought and paid for by the special interests,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “In his Minnesota Way challenge, Dean Phillips offered Erik Paulsen a chance to prevent outside spending and self-funding in the race, but Rep. Paulsen couldn’t say no to the millions of dollars that Paul Ryan’s Super PAC earmarked for him. We’ll continue to highlight Dean’s people-first campaign and expose Erik Paulsen’s record so that Minnesotans know who he really works for.”

Unlike Super PACs or dark money groups, ECU adheres to contribution limits and its ads are entirely grassroots funded and fully transparent with every penny disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. ECU’s ads are entirely grassroots funded.

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The $740,000 ad buy includes: $540,000 in television ads and $200,000 in digital ads.

ECU has been active and engaged in MN-03 for the 2018 election cycle. ECU endorsed Dean Phillips last September as part of its first slate of House challenger endorsements. Phillips, who is one of seven congressional candidates refusing all PAC and special interest money, is putting the issue of money in politics at the center of his campaign. In December, ECU named Congressman Paulsen to its Big Money 20 target list for the 2018 midterms.

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