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New Poll: Majority of Americans Support the Freedom to Vote Act; Senate Set to Take Imminent Action

Oct 05, 2021

Majority of Americans support the provisions in the Freedom to Vote Act

Majority Leader Schumer: “The Senate must act soon if we’re to successfully defeat the anti-democratic forces of the far-right. And we will do just that.”

A new national poll from Navigator research shows that 52% of Americans who have heard about the Freedom to Vote Act support the bill. When voters are given a description of the anti-corruption and voting rights legislation, 62% of Americans support the bill including 54% of Independents. Key provisions of the bill–including protecting against election sabotage and voter intimidation, eliminating dark money in politics, and ending partisan gerrymandering–hold over 80% of support.

Key points from the poll:

  • 62% of Americans support the Freedom to Vote Act.

  • 87% of Americans support making voter intimidation a felony.

  • 85% of Americans support requiring all super PACs and dark money groups to make their donors public.

  • 81% of Americans support ending partisan gerrymandering.

  • 79% of Americans support preventing politicians from removing local, non-partisan election officials.

  • 77% of Americans support expanding options for early voting.

Today on the Senate floor, Leader Schumer reiterated his firm commitment to protecting the freedom to vote through the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. Senator Patrick Leahy introduced the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act earlier today.

“There’s significant, bipartisan support for the Freedom to Vote Act among the American people. As we have seen time and again, the only place where protecting Americans’ freedom to vote, limiting dark money in politics, protecting against election sabotage, and ending partisan gerrymandering are partisan issues is in the halls of Congress,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “We thank Leader Schumer and Senator Leahy for their continued leadership on voting rights and urge the Senate to do whatever it takes to quickly pass both of these bills.”

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