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New Polling From End Citizens United

Feb 05, 2016

Today, End Citizens United released new research on voter attitudes towards Citizens United and money in politics. The results showed that across party lines, voters enthusiastically support candidates who stand up to special interest money in politics.

End Citizens United enlisted top polling firms to conduct a nationwide live telephone poll of likely voters. Key takeaways:

  • Nationwide, 71% of voters said the amount of money that corporations and the wealthy spend on political campaigns impacts issues that affect their family.
  • Seventy-five percent of voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Citizens United decision.
  • When asked who a voter would support in a hypothetical match up of a Democratic candidate who opposed Citizens United versus a Republican candidate who supports Citizens United, voters prefer the Democratic candidate by a two-to-one margin. Among Independent voters, the margin is three-to-one.
  • When asked about solutions, voters overwhelming support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and increased disclosure requirements.
  • Reducing the influence of special interest money in politics is considerably important to voters, ranking as high in importance as lowering health care costs and above reducing taxes.

To read the entire polling memo, click here.