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NEW TX-32 Poll: Allred Leading Sessions 47-46

Oct 03, 2018

55 percent of voters see Sessions as too close to special interests

Washington, D.C. – A new poll of likely voters, commissioned by End Citizens United (ECU) and conducted by GBA Strategies, shows Colin Allred with a slight edge over Rep. Pete Sessions, 47-46 percent. The poll also revealed a favorable environment for Allred to flip the district.

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Beyond the head to head, 55 percent of voters see Sessions as too close to special interests. Similarly, 57 percent say he’s been in Washington too long. Once voters hear more about the candidates, Allred increases his lead.

Higher up on the ticket, O’Rourke leads Cruz by nine points, 53-44 percent and 17 points among independents in the district.

“The more voters learn about Colin and his reform-focused campaign, the more they like what they see,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Unlike Rep. Pete Sessions, who has embraced Washington’s culture of corruption and has woven himself into a web of Big Money special interests, Colin is rejecting corporate PAC money. He’s sending voters a clear message that he’s running to represent their interests.”

GBA Strategies surveyed 600 likely voters in TX-32 from September 20-23. The margin of error is +/- 4%.

ECU endorsed Colin Allred in May, citing his commitment to meaningful campaign finance reform. Coinciding with the endorsement, ECU added Congressman Sessions to its Big Money 20, a list of the group’s top targets to defeat in November. Sessions was added to the list because he consistently puts the needs of the special interests that fund his campaigns over the needs of his constituents.

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