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NJ-03: Andy Kim Spotlights No Corporate PAC Pledge, Commitment to Service in First Ad

Aug 23, 2018

Andy Kim (NJ 03) released his first TV ad today highlighting his service as a national security advisor, and his commitment to serving his district — not corporate donors.

“What is service? It’s dedicating your life to others. It’s putting people first, not special interests. It’s our health mattering more than corporate donations.”

“I’m Andy Kim, and I approve this message because service is a representative who puts you first and won’t take corporate money, and that’s exactly who I’ll be.”

ECU endorsed Andy Kim in September 2017, citing his commitment to curbing the corrosive influence of Big Money in politics and his rejection of corporate PAC money. Meanwhile, his opponent, Rep. Tom MacArthur, a member of ECU’s Big Money 20, has taken hundreds of thousands from corporate PACs.

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