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A Not-So-Happy Anniversary: Senator Collins Rewards Mega-Donors with GOP Tax Bill

Dec 20, 2019

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Collins voted to pass the GOP tax bill after a career of accepting over $5 million from corporate PACs

Two years ago today, Senator Susan Collins voted for the GOP tax bill, betraying middle and working class Mainers by raising their taxes in order to give a massive tax cut to corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

“Senator Collins’ vote to pass the GOP tax bill will haunt her on Election Day,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Her vote was a shameful display of the corrupt system in Washington, where politicians take money from corporate special interests and then vote how the special interests want them to. Make no mistake, the GOP tax bill is a giveaway to corporate special interests that puts Mainers’ Medicare and Social Security at risk. The 2020 elections are around the corner and Maine voters haven’t forgotten Senator Collins’ betrayal.”

The partisan tax bill, which was the centerpiece of Republican-controlled House and Senate, slashed the corporate tax rate and gave the wealthiest Americans most of the benefits. It was fundamentally designed to enrich corporations and mega-donors at the expense of working Maine families. Now, Mainers’ Medicare and Social Security are at risk as Congress tries to pay for these corporate giveaways.

Not-So-Fun Facts:

  • The Republican tax plan was a massive giveaway to corporations and the wealthy. The bill slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and allows corporations to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes on profits stashed overseas.

  • Some of Collins’ biggest donors saved millions because of her vote, including General Dynamics, which gave Collins over $200,000 and received a massive cut in their tax rate

  • Thanks to Collins, the top 10 Big Pharma companies received a $76 billion tax cut from the GOP tax bill.

  • To pay for the tax plan and the $1.9 trillion it will add to the deficit, Congress will need to make deep cuts to Medicare And Social Security or force massive tax hikes on younger Mainers.