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Ohio and Georgia’s New Maps Silence the Voice of Voters; U.S. Senate Must Pass Freedom to Vote Act to End Partisan Gerrymandering

Nov 16, 2021

Ohio and Georgia recently advanced new congressional and legislative maps, with the Georgia legislature passing state House and Senate maps yesterday and Ohio House Republicans introducing a new congressional map.

A nonpartisan analysis found that the new Georgia maps silence the voice of Georgia voters by disproportionately favoring the political allies of the self-serving Republican politicians who drew them. The maps also dilute the voting power of Black voters and deny the people of Georgia the fair and equal representation that they deserve.

In Ohio, after working behind closed doors with no input from voters, Republican politicians proposed an egregious gerrymander in a blatant political power grab that would undermine the voice and vote of Ohio voters. The map does not reflect the will of the people of Ohio and only serves to benefit the political allies of the partisan politicians who drew the map in an attempt to win back power, something Republicans have admitted they are doing.

The U.S. Senate must quickly pass the Freedom to Vote Act to end partisan gerrymandering, so voters choose their elected representatives, not the other way around. We cannot let procedure and loopholes stay in the way of ensuring Americans are equally and fairly represented.