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Post-Election Poll: Democracy Was Top Motivating Factor For Voters

Dec 01, 2022

6-in-10 voters describe protecting democracy as an ‘extremely important’ reason for why they cast their ballot, exceeding all other issues 

End Citizens United and Let America Vote commissioned a post-election poll conducted by Impact Research from November 11-16 in 71 House battleground districts. It found that democracy issues were a dominant factor in voters’ decision-making.

  • “Protecting democracy” was the top issue (59%) listed by voters as an “extremely important” reason they decided to vote in this election, ahead of inflation (53%), overturning of Roe v. Wade (47%), and crime and public safety (45%)

  • Over half of Independent voters rated protecting democracy as an extremely important reason for why they voted

  • Voters trusted Democrats in Congress over Republicans to stand up to threats to democracy by a 10-point margin

  • Voters specifically view corruption and Big Money in politics (53%) and extremist politicians refusing to accept election results (41%) as the top threats to democracy

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“Voters recognized the threat from MAGA extremists and came out to the polls with protecting democracy in mind,” ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller said. “It’s imperative that Democrats continue to prioritize protecting and strengthening democracy. That includes cracking down on corruption and the influence of money in politics as well as protecting the freedom to vote and standing up to extremists who support political violence and would overturn election results. The bottom line is that being on the right side of supporting democracy is popular with voters across the political spectrum and healthy for the future of our nation.”