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Representative Malliotakis Sides With Corporations, Against Lowering Healthcare Costs and Growing Our Economy

Nov 19, 2021

Representative Malliotakis voted against the Build Back Better Act, a historic investment in the middle class and American families that will lower the cost of healthcare, grow our economy, ensure that the wealthy and big corporations finally pay their fair share in taxes, and help America take on climate change.

“Instead of investing in American families and helping them recover from the pandemic, Rep. Malliotakis chose to stand with the wealthy elites, corporations, and dark money groups that fund and prop up her campaign. It’s the epitome of corruption in Washington,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “By siding with Big Pharma’s greed over lowering the cost of life-saving drugs for Americans, Rep. Malliotakis proved who she is truly working for, and voters will remember this betrayal.”

Rep. Malliotakis took thousands from big pharma and $140,000 from fossil fuel companies, who then spent millions of dollars to lobby against this bill, while also funding dark money groups that ran ads opposing the bill and defended vulnerable members like Rep. Malliotakis. When the groups who funded her campaign said to vote no, Rep. Malliotakis listened, ignoring the needs of her constituents.

The leading group that propped up Rep. Malliotakis’s campaign was the Congressional Leadership Fund, funded by billionaires, corporations, and dark money. CLF and corporate-funded dark money groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, have spent millions of dollars lobbying and running ads against this legislation, specifically because billionaires and corporations will have to pay their fair share in taxes.

Rep. Malliotakis has long put her corporate donors ahead of the American people and did so again today with her vote against much-needed help for middle class families. Malliotakis supported giving corporations a $2 trillion dollar tax handout, while raising taxes on middle class families.